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XK Gazette - Ian Mills feature

The wonderful XK Club magazine, XK Gazette, have a feature on our very own Ian Mills this month. If you aren't a member and do not get the m…
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XK70 Festival. What a show!

What a fabulous show XK70 festival at Shelsley Walsh was. The XK Club did the whole XK community proud and put on a wonderful event to celeb…
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XK70 Festival at Shelsly Walsh

To celibrate 70 years since the launch of the Jaguar XK120 Twyford Moors are sponsoring the XK70 Festival, organised by the XK Club, as Shel…
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Goodwood Revival 2015

We're all set up and ready to go for the Goodwood Revival 2015. Please come and see us "Over The Road" on stand 221.
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Verdestein XK Challenge at Silverstone - 6th April 2013

It's a new racing season and it's all change at the Twyford Moors Motorsport department. Ian and Nik’s snazzy new helmets aside we have moved from the HRDC (where we will be supporting Tony Halls VX4-90 this year, more on that to come) over to the Vredestein XK Challenge run by the Jaguar Enthusiasts Club. Ian and Nik really missed being surrounded by other XKs last year so there was only one thing for it. We are also pleased to announce we are supporting Mr Rob Pinchbeck in his Jaguar XK150S 3.4 this year in his first seasons racing and speaking of race support there is more news there. There has been a significant re-jig of our race support team. Barry is still of course the firm sensible head keeping everything in check and acting as our very own walking, talking encyclopedia of all things motor-sport and XK related but joining him for their first full season are two of our younger members of staff. James is with us this year bringing new ideas, enthusiasm and a willingness to lay under a car on a cold floor in the rain; Harry is also with us claiming to be there incase of any electrical issues but so far the only change he seems to have brought about is the increased consumption of tea, beacon sandwiches and beer.

Anyway, enough about us, we're here to talk about racing. This year sees a fantastic grid with the XKs running alongside the Aston Martin Owners Club resulting in some fantastic Jaguar, Aston, Healey, Morgan and Lotus racing. It really is thrilling to watch and well worth witnessing. The XK grid has also grow this year with many new comers such as Rob Pinchbest and cars returning such as our XK150S.

Qualifying was very lively with seemingly a very slippery track and a lot of sideways action through Copse Corner. It was also the first chance to see how the XKs and Astons compared on the track. They looked to be very well matched in qualifying and we were all excited to see how they got on in the race.

Off the line Ian got a great start and climbed six places planting himself firmly on the tail of a Morgan. This tussle continued for a couple of laps but the XK won the day and slipped through. Pressing on towards Chris Keith-Lucus in his XK120 everything looked to be going so well but then trouble hit. A misfire started and gradually got worse leaving Ian in our XK150S down to 5 cylinders. Distracted by this (or so he claims) Ian spun terrifyingly close to an Austin Healey; so close in fact that despite having camera in hand and a perfect view your intrepid reporter could only look on with jaw on the flaw and hands uselessly dangling by his sides. Fortunately Ian’s misspent youth has trained him well in the art doughnuts and J turns, no harm was done and he was back facing the right way in no time at all. Sadly the misfire cause such issues that Ian was forced to retire. The culprit was discovered after the race to be painfully simple; a loose HT lead on cylinder number 4. We can however take comfort in the fact that car was going fantastically well and we have high hopes for the next race (and we will be getting James to carefully check the HT leads this time around).

Despite not finishing, it was a fantastic day of racing with Rob Pinchbeck having a good first race and finishing first in class. Andrew Moore also had a fantastic result and came in second overall in his XK120, which is still available for sale through us. Please get in contact with Ian Mills for more information.

Congratulations to the JEC, AMOC and Vredestein for putting together a great field of cars for this year, a great event at Silverstone and we look forward to the next race. See you at Oulton Park on the 11th of May!

Twyford Moors Classic Cars XK150 S race car as SilverstoneJaguar XK racingRace prepared Jaguar XK120 and XK150Race prepared Jaguar XK120 and XK150 followed by and Aston Martin DB4Twyford Moors Classic Cars prepared XK150 S racingTwyford Moors prepared XK race carIan and Rob by his Twyford Moors prepared XK150 race carIan with the Twyford Moors XK150 S race carTwyford Moors XK150 race car and trailer


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