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When it comes to classic cars, experience counts. With over 40 years of specialist experience with Jaguar XKs and other classic Jaguars, you can count on Twyford Moors to deliver the highest standards of work. Whether it's a routine service or a full restoration our specialist staff take every care to ensure that each car which comes through our workshop is treated with the respect it deserves.

Twyford Moors cater for every aspect of XK ownership. From buying advice and sourcing the right car through to maintenance and restoration, our expert knowledge allows us to help every step of the way. We always have a range of XK models in stock for sale including one or two exceptional restored or rare cars. In addition, we stock project cars to be restored to order. All cars for sale can be viewed at our works. At any one time, we will have at least dozens of XKs and E-Types on site; cars for sale, restoration projects, in the process of restoration or just for routine service. This offers a unique opportunity for potential buyers to make comparisons between the various XK and E-Type models.

Regular servicing and maintenance are essential for classic Jaguars so we keep this at the heart of what we do. Every car that comes in for a service receives a full health check to keep our cars in top running order.

At Twyford Moors, we believe that cars should be used. To that end, we offer a range of sympathetic upgrades to make our cars more useable on modern roads. In addition to the modifications already on offer, we actively search for and develop new modifications for the XK120, XK140, XK150, E-Type and other classic Jaguars.

We are buyers of XKs and E-Types, LHD or RHD, restored or unrestored. If you would like to sell an XK or E-Type, please e-mail us with details and photos.

We restore XKs and E-Types to the highest standard and the customer's desired specifications. Whether you are a purist looking to restore an XK to Concours condition or you want a fully upgraded car for touring and modern driving, we cater for all needs. To read more about restorations please click here.

If you are considering buying or restoring an XK or E-Type contact Twyford Moors – there is no substitute for experience.

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