Beginnings and ends – Workshop update

There are always plenty of cars coming and going from our workshops but it is always special when you start a new restoration or deliver a finished car. With the quantity of restoration we have been doing in recent years, finished projects have become a more regular sight. This makes it no less special to hand over the keys. At the moment we are right at the beginning of an XK140 nut and bolt restoration which we will continue to share updates on. We have also been putting the finishing touches on a lovely Pacific Blue XK140 drophead couple which will soon be handed back to its owner. If you are interested in having a car restored, please get in touch to discuss our restorations and the projects we currently have available.
In this weeks’ update we look at a couple of restoration projects, a beautiful stainless steel exhaust system, an SS100 and look forward to the Classic Motor Show at the NEC.

Classic Jaguar specialist Hampshire

Jaguar XK140 DHC restoration

These updates are lagging a bit behind the actual progress on this XK140 as we strip it down but we are keen to share the car coming apart in detail. The interior has been stripped out and the hood frame, doors, boot and bonnet have been safely removed from the car. All the chrome, window mechanisms and door mechanisms have been carefully removed ready to be refurbished. The car is now on a ramp to have the rest of the external parts removed, the wiring taken out and everything disconnected from the body and engine.
The next step will be to remove the body from the chassis. The body will then be put to one side until we start repairing it. This allows easy access to all the mechanicals making everything easier to strip apart. This is particularly important when dismantling a rusty old car as you are likely to come up against seized nuts and bolts. Having good access allows such nuts and bolts to be removed without doing damage to vital original components or the mechanics undertaking the work! Stay tuned for further updates on this restoration.

Jaguar XK140 restoration project

Classic Motor Show at the NEC Birmingham

With just a coupe of weeks left to go until the event we are starting to get ready for the Classic Motor Show at the NEC in Birmingham. The show runs from Friday the 12th of November until Sunday the 14th of November. It must be one of the biggest indoor classic car events and for us marks the end of our classic car show year. It really does have everything the classic car enthusiast could want to see all in one place. An unrivalled collection of car clubs, dealers and restorers along with a whole hall full of tools and specialist restoration equipment. If you want to know how to do something there is no better place to go and chat to experts.
We love this show as it is a great time to catch up with customers and suppliers as well as to meet new people. Being geographically central it attracts people from all over the country. It feels like it has been an age since we were last there due to the pandemic and we have attended this show every year for as long as I care to remember. If you are coming, please pop by and say hello to us near the entrance to hall 2.

Jaguar XK140 resto project

SS100 running out of electricity

There is something so charming about these prewar SS100s. They were incredible sportscars for their time and certainly laid down the foundations for Jaguars’ motorsport success. Driving an SS100, although very enjoyable, does also highlight how much of a leap forward the XK120 was in almost every way.
This SS100 is with us as it has stopped charging meaning the car kept running out of electricity. One should never have to suffer both the range anxiety of batteries running flat and have to fill up with fuel! On investigation we quickly found that the problem laid in the regulator box. Cleaning and careful adjustment of the points and the charging system is back in action.
We were also asked to check the fuel gauge for accuracy. This is a common request on these SS100s as the fuel sender only operates in the bottom part of the fuel tank. This is because the fuel tank is an unusual shape and very tall. This means that the fuel gauge will keep reading full until it is under half a tank.


Jaguar XK140 coming out of storage

This beautiful XK140 drophead coupe has been in storage for some months. The owner is now planning to get her out on the road so we are recommissioning it. It is a worthwhile exercise to check a car over thoroughly before putting it back on the road. Even after being stored very carefully things can seize, perish or just start to leak. In the case of this XK140 we found a seized rear wheel brake cylinder which was also leaking slightly. This probably wouldn’t have been immediately noticeable when driving the car but could have developed into a more serious fault.
We offer a range of storage options in our secure storage facility so please do get in touch if you are looking for somewhere safe to keep you classic over the Winter months. We can also offer advice on both storage and recommissioning your car after some time off the road. Finally, we can collect and deliver cars on our trailer or with our logistics partners. If your car is not safe to drive or you want it checked over after a long period off the road please get in touch and we can arrange transportation.

Jaguar XK140 drophead coupe

Stainless steel manifolds

We are fitting a full new stainless steel exhaust system to this Jaguar XK150. This is a full 2” system giving a sportier sound and should increase performance from the engine. It also features catalytic converters which is a game changer to be able to reduce the emissions on classic cars.
An issue which many XK, E-Type and Jaguar saloon owners will be familiar with is the enamel coming off the original cast iron exhaust manifold. This can let down the best-looking engine bays. We have tried many approaches to dealing with this issue from re-enamelling original manifolds to buying various reproductions. Unfortunately, no matter what we try, the enamel never seems to last and in recent years the situation seems to be getting worse. After only a few hundred miles they appear cracked and after thousands they will have bits coming off. As such these beautiful stainless-steel manifolds are a great improvement. They look stunning in the engine bay, even once they have turned blue from heat, and should increase performance from the engine.

Jaguar XK150 stainless steel exhaust system

Jaguar XK140 finishing touches

This Jaguar XK140 drophead was largely restored by its owner and he did a smashing job of it. He did however have some issues with fitting the hood and windows. To remedy this the car was brought into us. Additionally, we have done a few minor electrical jobs such as fitting a tracker and getting the fuel gauge working properly.
We have now given the car a thorough check though and got it running. Next, we set up the suspension and steering geometry and tuned the engine. After this the car is test driven and further adjustments are made as the car settles in. The car will now need driving for some more miles to iron out any little issues and allow the engine to run in.
The finished result will be a stunningly presented and very drivable XK ready to be enjoyed. We look forward to seeing it out and about and hopefully at some shows next year.

Jaguar XK140 DHC restoration