Car storage lift

Following on from our posts about the main workshop and the storage floor we thought we should share with you how we are getting cars from the ground floor up to the first floor. Some of you may have spotted in the background of the photos the main workshop’s four very tall red pillars. These are the posts of our lift for transporting cars up to the storage floor. When not in use the lift stays in the up position level with the workshop ceiling thus staying out of the way of the workshop door and helping to minimise air flow between to workshop below and the storage area above. 

The lift is positioned just inside the entrance to the main workshop. This allows us to either bring cars straight onto it from outside or manoeuvre cars which are in the workshop straight onto the lift without first taking them outside. The lift then transports the cars smoothly up to the first floor where the gates can be opened and the car can be rolled into its parking space in our storage area. Essentially it is like a car ramp you see in garages up and down the country but on a huge scale!


Jaguar E-Type storage

Jaguar XK150 on lift