Classic Jaguar Power Steering

When upgrading and modifying a classic car proper consideration must be given to the character and integrity of the car. We believe that upgrades should fit in with the feel of the car, they should be reversible, they should be hidden as much as possible and most importantly they should offer significant benefits. To that end, we have developed a range of worthwhile upgrades to improve your classic Jaguar driving experience.

In this article, we will focus on electric power steering upgrades, particularly those for the XK120, XK140, XK150 and E-Type. We have fitted these systems to many other classic cars ranging from an Austin 8 to a Fiat 124. If you are looking for power steering for your classic be it a Jaguar MK2 or an AC Aceca please do get in touch.

Over the years we have worked on, fitted and experimented with many different power steering systems. For a long time, the only realistic option was a hydraulic power steering system taken from another car. In the case of an XK, this was generally a Ford Transit van. Although these systems do work and some places still fit them, they have several drawbacks. The biggest problem is that the steering rack has to be mounted slightly differently which compromises the steering geometry and limits the steering lock. The next issue is that they look very noticeably nonstandard under the bonnet. Not only does the steering rack need to be changed but you have to fit a pump, fluid reservoirs and quite a lot of hydraulic hoses. Additionally, the assistance provided by these hydraulic systems is fixed. You cannot reduce it or turn it off to suit your tastes. Finally due to needing a replacement steering rack these systems simply cannot be used with a steering box like the XK120 has as standard.

Our preferred solution is using an electric motor to assist with he steering as per modern cars. This system fits discreetly in the bulkhead area leaving no visible sign that the steering has been upgraded unless you climb into the footwell and look up. Under the bonnet, everything is left looking standard and this is the real joy of this system. It leaves the original steering rack or steering box of the car in place retaining the car's original character whilst adding power assistance. We even fit the system with an on/off switch. This allows you to use the power steering when parking in a pub car park and then switch it off when enjoying some spirited driving on a windy B-road.

For more information on this power steering system and to discuss having it fitted on your car please get in touch. For more upgrades click here.

Jaguar XK120 electric power steering motor

Jaguar E-Type electric power steering

Jaguar XK140 power steering