Jaguar XK140 Mille Miglia 2023

The Mille Miglia must be the most famous road race in the world and the success Jaguar had at the event has made XKs synonymous with the event. This year we were delighted to be asked to prepare and support Andrew Blazye’s Jaguar XK140 OTS for the Mille Miglia; a converted place secured through the Fast Lane Club. 

Over the months prior to the event, we worked closely with Andrew, his friend and navigator Steve and the Simon Smith of the Fast Lane Club to prepare the car for the event. We have a great deal of experience preparing XKs and E-Type for tours and rallies so we know what makes a good and reliable car for such events. Fortunately, Andrew’s XK140 provided the perfect starting point as it is a well-built and reliable car. With a few well-thought-through improvements and the fitment of suitable rally equipment, the car was ready to go. 

This was our first time supporting a car taking part in the Mille Miglia and there are quite a few specific regulations which need to be met. There would be nothing worse than making it all the way out to Italy and then not being able to take part because the car does not meet the regulations. This is where Simon and the Fast Lane Clubs team came into their own. Their experience and knowledge of the event ensured the car was spot on for the event. Andrew told us that the support the Fast Lane Club provided through the event made the Mille Miglia particularly accessible and enjoyable.

We are fortunate enough to have two very experienced classic motorsport mechanics on our team here at Twyford Moors. Martin Scott accompanied the car throughout the event and was on hand to prep the car every morning and check it over at the end of each day. These events are hard work for the team driving with long days on the road and even longer for the support teams who must keep up with the cars in their support vehicles and then work on them at the end of the day. Fortunately, the XK140 made us all proud and completed the event with relatively little attention required.

Andrew was kind enough to share his thoughts on his first Mille Migla experience: “It was a gruelling yet thrilling experience to compete in the legendary Mille Miglia. Over 12 hours of driving per day, on four of the five days of the competition, on every possible type of road, with frequent time trials and regularity tests. The car was maintained on every leg by Martin Scott from Twyford Moors, checking the vehicle every night and prepping it every morning. The XK 140 OTS performed admirably, tested by high acceleration sections, steep and winding hillsides, urban driving and of course the rigorous trials imposed by the race organisers. We were even rear-ended by another vehicle whose brakes failed! Ultimately we came in at 214 out of 422 competitors! What a great event - and what a brilliant car to compete in!!”

It was an honour to be trusted to prepare a car for such an event. We would like to thank Andrew and Steve for trusting us with their car, Simon and the Fast Lane Club for their support and guidance and Martin for all his hard work before and during the event ensuring the XK performed so well. Thanks also to Miles Charlesworth of @mrcharmedia for providing us with such wonderful photographs of the car during the event.

Mille Miglia support crew

Jaguar XK140 rally car

Jaguar XK140 Mille Miglia


XK140 driver and navigator


Jaguar XK140 OTS Millie Miglia