So fresh and so clean - workshop update

We've been back for two weeks now so apologies that this is the first update we have put out in 2021 but there has been much to do. The workshop is busy and full of classic Jaguars in need of everything from servicing to upgrades to restorations.
As can been seen in the photos we have a beautiful, freshly painted workshop floor which is always a joy for all working here. It brightens the place up no end, its easier to find that elusive washer you just dropped and it's easier to keep clean.
In this weeks' update we take a peek at a couple of magazines we feature in, an XK150 in for an interior refresh, an E-Type in for some paint work and an XK140 having a hydraulic handbrake upgrade.

Jaguar XK140 and XK150 in Hampshrie workshop

Octane Magazine feature

If you have been following these updates for the last few months you will recall we had the Jaguar XK140 belonging to Robert Coucher, international editor of Octane Magazine, in for an extensive programme of works. The details of this work and the finished results are now being published in a series of articles in the fabulous Octane Magazine. The first of these features in in the February 2021 issue which is now on sale.
In addition to detailing the work we carried out when the XK140 visited our Hampshire workshop this month's addition is packed with features to fuel your passion for classic motoring. Our pick of these is a wonderful article on the first of the Allard JR continuations. This is a brand-new Allard built by the son and grandson of Sydney Allard himself nearly over 60 years since the original.

Jaguar XK140 Octane Magazine

Jaguar E-Type paintwork

We haven't seen this lovely series 1 Jaguar E-Type for some years but it is great to have it back. When it was last with us, almost ten years ago, we undertook an extensive programme of mechanical work on the car. This included overhauling the suspension, rear subframe, engine work and some upgrades for reliability. The owner has since had a lot of trouble-free use and enjoyment from the car.
With the 60th anniversary of the launch of the Jaguar E-Type fast approaching in March 2021 the owner of this lovely car wants it looking its absolute best. As such he has brought the car into us for a respray. Pictured here the car is being stripped down and repaired for paint.
The car will be finished well in time for the E-Type clubs E-Type 60 celebration at Shelsey Walsh in June 2021 which we are proud to be sponsoring. We will be publishing more information about this wonderful event soon.

Jaguar E-Type restoration

Jaguar XK150 rev counter rebuild

This XK150 S was restored beautifully elsewhere and has now been brought to us to rectify a few niggling faults. Amongst these faults was the tachometer (rev counter) which was sticking at 3000 rpm. Speedometer and rev counter faults often come down to issues with the cables. This however is a late XK150 and therefore has a generator, as per the Jaguar E-Type, instead of a cable drive. These seem to cause a lot of confusion and problems as it is not broadly understood how they work. In this case the owner reported that the rev counter had been rebuilt so the fault must be with the generator. A quick test showed the generator was working perfectly. The rev counter was then removed and bench tested which showed up the exact same fault. We found the unit had in fact not been rebuilt so a rebuild and a thorough clean of the internals had the unit working smoothly again.

Jaguar XK150 rev counter rebuild

Hydraulic handbrake

The Jaguar XK120 and XK140 are great sportscars with ample power provided by the 3.4 litre twin cam XK engine. The standard drum brake however do leave something the be desired by modern standards. It is hardly surprising then that many people upgrade XK120s and XK140s to disc brakes. It is common to see people fit disc brakes to all four wheels as per the XK150. We however recommend only fitting disc brakes to the front and retaining the drum brakes on the rear when carrying out this conversion. This is because discs on the front and drums on the rear provide ample stopping power for road use and the drum brakes provide a much better hand brake.
Every Jaguar XK150, MK2 or E-Type owner will be familiar with the struggle of living with a poor handbrake.
This XK140 has been fitted with disc brakes all round and the owner has had enough of a handbrake that constantly needs adjusting in order to operate properly. We are now fitting a hydraulic handbrake setup which will hold the car properly for hill starts and is also a rather nice upgrade for spirited driving on tours or rallies. This upgrade retains the original cable handbrake mechanism so the car will still pass an MOT.


Jaguar XK140 hydraulic handbrake

Rally XK140 in XK Gazette

This months XK Gazette from the XK Club has a great feature on rallying and touring in XKs. On the cover is probably the most widely toured and rallied XK140s out there having been as far afield as Myanmar, Thai Land and South America. The car is currently in our workshop being prepared to be returned to its owner. It is great to see that of seven photographs in the article I can identify six Twyford Moors prepared cars and I suspect there are even more in the background. We have a long history of preparing XKs for touring and rallying. Indeed reliability, driver comfort and usable modifications are at the core of everything we do here in our Hampshire workshops.
The XK Gazette is published monthly and is a part of membership to the XK Club. The magazine is full of fascinating articles from following owners around the world on exotic trips to technical tips and restorations. If you own an XK, we recommend joining the XK club.


Jaguar XK140 XK Gazette

Jaguar XK150 wooden dashboard

This lovely XK150 was restored here at Twyford Moors over twenty years ago however we haven't seen it for some years. It has recently changed hands and the new owner has brought it to us for some much-needed tlc. It seems that in recent years the car had been stored in very damp conditions and the interior has gone mouldy and the wooden veneer has started to come away. It looks like the damage was largely limited to the interior so we wonder if the car was caught out in the rain with the hood down and then put away for a long period without being dried out properly first. A worthwhile cautionary tale for all those storing their cars over winter.
The new owner has been out and about enjoying the car over the summer and has been posting some beautiful shots of the car running around their local Cornish roads but has now brought it into us to have the interior sorted out over the winter. This week we stripped out all the wood which is now being re-veneered. Whilst the wood is away work can begin on the interior which has a particularly interesting pair of rear seats which will feature in next weeks update.


Jaguar XK150 wooden dashboard