Strange brake pipes, suspension, hood chromes and replicas - workshop update

The weather really has turned here in Clanfield however we were able to make the most of the good weather early on in the week. We remain busy with many cars coming and going. Our covered trailer has been very busy collecting and delivering customers cars in the wet weather. Please don't let poor driving conditions put you off booking your car in for work. Do get in touch to discuss transport options.
This week we look at an XK140 suspension rebuild, XK150 hood chromes, a full rewire, a very interesting brake pipe and an E-Type which isn't an E-Type.

Jaguar XK140 suspension rebuild

This Jaguar XK140 came in for a check over and a service. Our mechanic found the front rubber suspension bushes breaking up leading to excessive play in the suspension. Poor suspension bushes will also create more friction in the suspension movement, compromising ride quality. As can be seen in the photo all the suspension components are corroded and the track control arms are bent. All this combined will be compromising the handling and ride quality of this XK140 which is a shame as these cars should be great to drive. All the suspension components will be removed, straightened, repaired and powder coated before being refitted. We will also be taking the opportunity to fit polyurethane suspension bushes which improve handling and last much longer than the standard rubber bushes. We will revisit this car next week with some photos of the fresh suspension fitted.

Jaguar XK140 suspensing rebuild

Jaguar XK150 going to a new home

This lovely Jaguar XK150 drophead was collected by its new owner early this week. The car was sold a week or two ago but then came through the workshop for a few improvements in line with the new owners' requirements. The showroom remains busy with socially distanced viewings and, by appointment only, test drives going ahead. If you would like to come and view a car or visit to discuss your needs please get in touch to book an appointment.

Jaguar XK150 drophead for sale

Jaguar XK150 rewire

We are just putting the finishing touches to the rewire on this XK150 DHC. This XK had suffered a number of problems and breakdowns relating to electrical problems and on investigating the faults we found that the wiring was very old, perished and most likely to be the original. This is an issue we often see with wiring frequently overlooked on a partial restoration. Along with a full rewire the car has had wiring put in safely and properly for upgrades including the alternator, electric cooling fan, extra footwell lights and the radio. We can also offer a number of electrical upgrades from upgraded windscreen wipers to power steering and can fit an extra hidden fuse board in the regulator box to accommodate all these additions.

Jaguar XK150 fuse board

When is an E-Type not an E-Type?

When is an E-Type not an E-Type? When it's a Dax AC Cobra replica. This replica is based on a Series 3 V12 E-Type and uses E-Type mechanicals throughout. The car came into us for a starting issue which was swiftly traced to a faulty battery isolator switch in the boot. Unfortunately, due to this electrical fault the car had not been started or used for many months so did require a little bit of tlc to the ignition system and some fresh fuel to get her running in tip top condition again.

Dax AC Cobra servicing Hampshrie

Is it a brake pipe or a coil spring?

"Just when you think you've seen it all" is a common idiom in our workshop and must be uttered at least once a week. Perhaps it is time to start the equivalent of a swear jar for charity? This week's moment came from a particularly interesting brake pipe running from the servo to the four-way brake union on the chassis. As can be seen when the pipe was fitted it was far too long for the application so had been coiled around and had rubber fitted where it fouled in a number of places. We expect this would have been an MOT failure if discovered, however the routing meant that it would be unlikely to be spotted. The pipe has been replaced with an appropriate length and safely routed item!

Jaguar XK150 brake pipe

Jaguar XK150 hood chromes

Pictured here is an XK150 drophead which has come in for the hood chromes to be fitted. Unfortunately, the hood had been retrimmed elsewhere without the old hood wood being replaced and shaped. As a result, the shape around the back of the hood was not smooth making fitting hood chromes without the chrome splitting impossible. Additionally, it would have proved challenging to secure the new beading given that over the year, the old wood had been worked and had various holes in it for hood chromes, hood fixings and beading. With the customers permission we unpicked the hood at the back, replaced the wood and shaped it properly. Our trimmer then refitted the hood and we are now trial fitting and shaping the brass hood beading before sending it for chroming. If you are planning to have your hood retrimmed please get in touch to discuss any remedial work your hood frame and wood may need beforehand.

Jaguar XK150 hood chromes