This week in the workshop 05/09/20

The first signs of autumn are upon us and with that we are starting to see our usual seasonal shift in the workshop and the showroom. With the driving season coming towards its end we are seeing more long-term winter work coming in. Owners are either preparing their cars for wetter conditions or getting ready to tuck them up over the colder months. This week we will be updating you on a few XKs in the workshop, some restoration work, an E-Type with ill-fitted doors and an SS100 with drive train issues.

A busy week in the showroom

Every year we find that the showroom becomes very busy as summer turns to autumn and this year is no exception. We currently have some wonderful cars in stock and this week has been filled with test drives and viewings from classic Jaguar enthusiasts.
The stunning MK VII saloon shown here sold this week. It is staying with us for a little work and an underbody detail and wax before the new owner takes delivery. It never fails to amaze us how well these big comfortable saloons drive. They move swiftly and handle well. This is thanks to their having an XK engine and very similar chassis to an XK. 

Jaguar MKVII MK7 saloon

Rewire for reliability

This very smart Jaguar XK150 DHC was restored elsewhere some years ago. The body, paint and trim are in top condition and the car looks stunning. The car has a fully rebuilt engine which pulls well and with a five-speed gearbox, it handles and drives well. The only detail overlooked during the restoration was the wiring. The car still has its original wiring harness from 1958 and has corroded old connectors, worn switches and a corroded fuse board. The old wiring had become brittle, particularly where it had come into contact with heat and paint during the restoration process. It was starting to cause issues and was a breakdown waiting to happen. Although wiring does not make a classic car go faster or look prettier, it is key to reliability and should be addressed during a restoration or if it is starting to perish. We are now undertaking a full rewiring on this XK150 to bring the wiring up to the standard of the rest of this XK. We will be neatly wiring in all the upgrades in keeping with the rest of the car.

Jaguar XK150 drophead coupe rewire

Restoration work progresses


We continue to progress with the various restoration projects we have underway for customers. Pictured here is the chassis of an original, UK, right-hand-drive Jaguar XK150 drophead on which we are carrying out a full nut and bolt restoration. As you can see, when we restore an XK we fully build up the chassis including brake pipes, suspension, fuel tank, engine and gearbox and then we lower the body over the top. This not only maximises efficiency but also minimises the risk of damaging the paintwork. The eagle-eyed amongst you will be able to spot a number of upgrades on this chassis all of which are fitted according to the owner's desired specification.

Jaguar XK150 restoration chassis

Jaguar E-Type door adjustment

This beautiful Series 1 E-type was restored elsewhere but the owner has had trouble with the door fit and closure so brought it to our Hampshire workshop for our help. Door fit and seals are a real challenge on E-Types and particularly on the coupes. However, with experience, our fitters developed techniques to perfect the fit. After just a few hours with us, the customer was pleased to learn that his doors now fit properly and close with a gentle push. The car went straight on from us to be detailed prior to being exhibited at a Concours event.

Jaguar E-Type restoration

Underbody detail and wax before winter

This Jaguar XK140 OTS came though the workshop for a check over and an underbody wax and detail before winter. We gave the car a good clean underneath ensuring there was no dirt to trap moisture. We cleaned and treated any areas of surface corrosion or paint lift and then painted where required. After that we applied waxoyle to the cavities under the car to ensure the car is well protected from the elements. This underbody work is highly recommended if you intend to use your car over the winter months. In addition to having your car checked on an annual basis during its service, we find that cleaning and detailing the underside is only necessary every few years unless the car is being used in extreme environments.

Jaguar XK140 OTS right hand drive and SS100

SS100 with drive train issues

This stunning and exceptionally rare SS100 was brought in by the customer reporting strange noises from the gearbox. On closer examination, we concluded that the noise was not the gearbox but was in fact coming from the rear axle. On getting the car up on the ramp excessive play was found in the differential but only in one area and so the strip down began. On dismantling the differential, we found that three teeth had been sheered off the crown wheel and there was corresponding damage to the pinion. Further investigation is required to ascertain the cause but it looks like there may be issues with the bearings.
Jaguar used a very similar ENV rear axle in the SS100 and in the XK120. As such, we have extensive experience with which to approach this rebuild. However, parts for the SS100 are scarce and hard to come by. We will follow this rebuild as it progresses in the coming weeks.

Jaguar SS100 axle rebuild