This week in the workshop 08/08/20

In this week's update we provide you with an array of cars we have been working on, along with a little teaser of some filming for an upcoming television show. 

Twin XK140 restoration

Our restoration workshop continues to be busy with work ranging from chassis build ups to wiring and putting the finishing touches for delivery. This week we had the unusual site of a matching pair of Pacific Blue Jaguar XK140 drophead coupes sat next to each other. 
In the foreground is one of our full nut and bolt restorations which is currently in the final stages of having the wiring put in and the electrics tested including under dash lighting, a hidden Bluetooth sound system and electric power steering. Behind that can be seen a customer's home restoration which has come to us to have the hood frame, doors and windows set up before being trimmed. Setting up the hood frame really is a specialist job and having a well-shaped and fitted hood really can make or break a restoration.

Two Jaguar XK140 DHC full nut and bolt restoration

Jaguar XK150 hood retrim

On the subject of hoods, the XK150 drophead which we featured in last week's update is ready to be collected and parked out the front to greet its owner. We have a number of measures in place to ensure a Covid-19 safe handover  of cars both on the way in and on the way out of the workshop.
This XK150 came in because the hood had been set up incorrectly and was very difficult to get up and down. When it was closed, it interfered with the door closure. We stripped the hood, replaced the hood wood, set up the hood, doors and windows correctly and it has now been retrimmed in mohair. The customer also took the opportunity to have the correct hood chromes fitted which really lifts the look of the car.

Jaguar XK150 DHC hood retrim and chromes

Jaguar XK140 servicing

This Jaguar XK140 drophead is in for its annual service and tune up. This car was fully restored here at Twyford Moors some years ago but has been well maintained and looks as good as the day it left us. The owner brings it back to us annually for a service and to ensure it keeps running smoothly. These yearly check overs also give us the opportunity to inspect all aspects of the car and, for instance, monitor if any of the rust proofing measures underneath need attention.

Jaguar XK140 DHC servicing

Jaguar XK150 bodywork

Out in the metal workshop, this Jaguar XK150 fixed-head coupe restoration has been stripped down and is ready to go to have the body shell and chassis dipped. It is important to be careful when using chemical dipping that you choose a reputable firm which know how to dip  the body properly and then neutralise the chemicals otherwise you can run into major paint work issues further down the line. In addition, it is vital to ensure the body is properly braced and supported when removing it from the chassis and transporting it.
In the background you can seed the bodyshell for an extremely rare Jaguar XK150 3.8 S drophead coupe which we have been restoring. Many of our customers will have seen the rolling chassis in our showroom. We have held it at that stage for several years, taking it to shows like the Goodwood Revival, where it has proved to be a talking point. We have a new demonstrator chassis in the pipeline so now we crack on with this restoration.

Jaguar XK150 bodywork

Filming for television

This week we have had with us a film crew  and a well-known presenter, working on an upcoming television project. They were filming with a rather special car which we completed the restoration of last year. The rear of the car can be seen in the background of the photographs (answers on a postcard please). We can't say much more for now but please watch this space and we will bring you further updates in the future.

Television filming at Twyford Moors