D-Type, bucket seats and suspensing rebuilds - workshop update

After another busy week in our Hampshire workshop we are back to check in on the XK140 suspension rebuild we looked at last week, a D-Type in the showroom, bucket seats for an XK140 and much more.

Realm D-Type in the showroom

Fresh into the showroom we have this stunning D-Type replica by Realm Engineering. This car has been built to an incredibly high specification and features a 4.7 litre race engine, five speed gearbox and adjustable suspension. This D-Type is taxed, MOT'd and fully road legal so could be enjoyed on the road or on the track. It is beautifully finished in British Racing Green and Yellow with a very smart Green interior. This is a real drivers car and offers exceptional value for money. Please visit our for-sale section for more information about the car.

Jaguar D-Type by Realm for sale

Jaguar XK140 suspension rebuild

We had a look at this XK140 fixedhead coupe last week when we were just getting ready to strip down the old suspension. On stripping down the suspension, we found a classic area of corrosion which had to be repaired. We will discuss this below. The refreshed suspension has now been fitted with all the parts powder coated for lasting protection. We have fitted polyurethane suspension bushes throughout which will improve the handling and last much better than the original rubber bushes. All that remains is to fit the last few components, set up the tracking and test the car. This really can make a huge difference to an XK so if your car is anything less than a joy to pilot though winding roads please get in touch the book a check over.

Jaguar XK suspension polybush

Jaguar XK140 chassis repair

One of the common places for corrosion on an XK chassis is where the lower wishbone bolts onto the chassis. We see this frequently and it can be hard to assess the extent of the issue until you remove the suspension. Fortunately, it is a fairly straight forward repair as we have a jig for the job and we have a great deal of experience in this area. Here we see the finishing touches being completed on the repair before the suspension can be refitted.

Jaguar XK140 chassis repair

Bucket seats

This pair of bucket seats are destined for an XK140 drophead coupe which we restored a decade ago. Although original XK seats can be very comfortable many drivers find the lack support can become tiring on longer journeys. Our bucket seats fit into the car using the original mounting points so the conversion is easily reversed should you ever wish to refit the original seats. As can be seen in the picture we pre-fit padding to the seats and then invite the customer to come try the seat for comfort. We then add and remove padding to suit the driver and passengers needs before trimming them in leather to match the car. These seats have a lovely period look once they are finished and look very much at home in an XK.

Jaguar XK140 bucket seats

Jaguar XK150 fixedhead bodywork

This Jaguar XK150 FHC is in the process of being fully restored. It has been stripped down to bare metal and is now in a weldable primer to protect it whilst body repairs are carried out. This XK150 is fairly sound, however the door skins are going to need some significant work. There is also a very messy repair on the OS front wing presumably form where the car had a minor accident at some point in its life. The front half of the wing had been cut off and a flange had been folded where the wing was cut. The front half of another wing was then welded to the flange and pop riveted around the front. All this will be put right before paint.

Jaguar XK150 fixedhead bodywork

Clutch change

This XK150 DHC came in needing a new clutch. On an XK with a standard gearbox the engine and gearbox have to be removed together in order to do a clutch change. Fortunately, with a slight modification to the prop shaft tunnel, we can remove a five-speed gearbox though the inside of the car. This saves a lot of time (and cost) on a clutch change. This XK will have a lightened and balanced flywheel fitted along with a diaphragm clutch which gives a lighter clutch pedal than the original spring clutch.

Jaguar XK150 clutch change