This week in the workshop 18.07.20

We have had another busy week in the workshop with plenty of classic Jaguars coming and going. Here's a flavour of some of the cars we have been working on this week.

Three landmark Jaguars

Here we have three examples of Jaguar innovation at its best. At the back is a very early steel bodied Jaguar XK120 OTS which we have completed a pedal box upgrade on and is just about to have the new trim made up where the driver's foot well has now been extended. 

In the middle you can see a Jaguar XK150 S which was the pinnacle of the XK production featuring the straight port cylinder head and triple 2-inch SU carburettors destined for the E-Type. This car was recently purchased by the customer and has come in for a few improvements before the new owner takes delivery.

In the foreground is a beautiful series 1 E-Type. This car is in for a check over, service and MOT.

Jaguar XK120 XK150 and E-Type outside showroom

Fuel supply issues

This Jaguar XK150 came in with the owner reporting a loss of power at higher revs. Investigations showed that the fuel/air mixture was going lean at the top end and that the fuel pressure was dropping off. A rather ancient fuel pump was found to be the cause of the culprit. We can rebuild original SU fuel pumps but we find that our solid-state fuel pump upgrade is very popular and that is what this customer opted for. These modern fuel pumps offer a greater level of reliability so are ideal for those who want one less thing to worry about when touring.

Jaguar XK150 fuel pump upgrade

Loose steering

One of the most significant steps forward after the XK120 was the introduction rack and pinion steering. This significantly improved the handling on the XK140 and XK150 however, old and worn steering racks can leave a lot of play in the steering and create a sloppy driving experience. This XK150 has had its steering rack removed and the rack is currently having a complete rebuild before being refitted.

Jaguar XK150 steering rack rebuild

Post sales upgrades

We have just sold this lovely XK150 drophead. As part of our sales service the car has had a service and MOT before delivery. This customer also requested a few upgrades before taking delivery of the car. We have just completed fitting a tracker system in the car which allows the owner to track the car from a mobile phone app and turn the ignition off remotely for added security. The system also sends alerts if the car moves without the ignition on or if the battery is low or disconnected. We have also fitted our ever-popular electronic power steering system and altered the indicator switch to suit the new owner's needs.

Jaguar XK150 power steering