Rolling road tuning, engine rebuilds and winter job - workshop update

As Autumn sets in we are becoming increasingly busy with XKs coming in for work at the end of the driving season, to go into storage or for longer 'winter' jobs. We continue to be delighted, grateful and humbled by our customers on going support and the long line up of XKs parked out the front this week is testament to how many of our valued customers are still using and enjoying their XKs. The measures we have put in place to keep our customers, staff and suppliers safe during the pandemic are working well and we continue to review and improve these where required. If you are would like to book your classic car in for work or would like to view a car for sale please get in touch to discuss the measures we have in place and book an appointment.

Jaguar XK120, XK140 and XK150 at Twyford Moors Hampshire

Jaguar XK120 engine rebuild

Pictured here are a pair of XK engines, one fully rebuilt and one stripped down ready to be machined. The fully rebuilt engine seen here has been built to fast road specification with forged pistons, gas flowed cylinder head, fast road cam shafts and much more. The engine also features our upgraded rear main oil seal to stop those classic Jaguar XK oil leaks. The block here is for a very special XK120 FHC which one of our clients is building. The engine will be built to his specification to suit the needs of the car. If you are looking to have an XK engine rebuilt please get in touch to discuss your needs.

Jaguar XK engine rebuild

Jaguar XK150 S rolling road tune

We undertook a full restoration on this Jaguar XK150 OTS some years ago and it looks as stunning now as it did then. When the car was restored the owner requested a very high-performance engine. The result is the highest performance engine we have ever built for a road car with a very high compression ratio. The car is in for a rolling road tune along with its annual service. It is worth, particularly on high performance engines, having the engine tuned every few years and although much can be done with static tuning there really is no substitute for a rolling road tune. When the car came in, we found it was running on lower octane fuel which when combined with the cars high compression ratio was causing pre-ignition and was to blame for the running problems the customer was experiencing. It is worth noting that on high performance engines performance fuels are a must. Where they are not available it is best to put as little fuel in as is required and then fill up when you can next get high octane fuel.

Jaguar XK150 S rolling road tune

Classic Car Storage

An essential part of taking car of a classic car is storing it in a dry environment. We offer dry and secure storage in our Hampshire based storage facility located close to our workshop. Here we are able to keep our customers cars safe and also keep them in good working order by periodically starting and driving the cars in a safe manner. When you are then ready to collect the car we will get it out of the storage facility and give the car a check over, or even a service and MOT as required, so you can collect your car safe in the knowledge it is ready to go after being stored over winter. We can also provide covered transport. Please get in touch for more information about our winter storage options.

Classic Car Storage Hampshire

Jaguar XK140 DHC full restoration

This beautiful Jaguar XK140 drophead coupe is coming towards the end of a full nut and bolt restoration for our long-term customer and XK Gazette contributor Tony Hall. This is the fourth XK140 we have restored for Mr Hall and the second in this stunning colour scheme. The car is currently having the finishing touches done with hood chromes, door capping and other small trim items being fitted. Although the car has already been started and test driven prior to being trimmed the XK will then go back onto a ramp for a full check though, a few hundred miles of test driving, some final adjustments and an MOT before being delivered.

Jaguar XK140 restoration

Jaguar XK120 OTS service and MOT

It is so lovely and increasingly rare to see very original cars and this XK120 is a fine example of such. It has clearly had much work done over the years to take care of it with just a few upgrades, including the amber indicators. It has never been fully restored and retains much originality. Better still it is not a show car but is used, enjoyed and cared for. The car was with us this week for its annual service and MOT along with having the indicator switch repaired and the wiper motor regreased and checked over due to slow wiper operation.

Jaguar XK120 servicing

Jaguar XK150 FHC engine rebuild

We've looked a lot at engine work and engine rebuilds this week and here's some more. We undertook a full rebuild on the engine in this XK150 fixedhead coupe, fitted it and then returned it to the customer to be run in. All engines need to be run in with care before being used to their full potential so when we return a car after an engine rebuild the owners are always given clear instructions on how to drive the car. This XK150 now has enough miles under its belt that it has come back in for then engine to be checked over, tuned up and to have the running in oil replaced with normal engine oil.

Jaguar XK150 engine rebuild