Tune ups, rebuilds and upgrades - Workshop update

We are delighted to report we are continuing to experience unprecedented levels of demand. Our dedicated team have been working hard to continue delivering our high standard to work whilst keeping pace with bookings. Our slots for Autumn and Winter works are filling up fast so if your Classic Jaguar is in need of some attention, please do get in touch sooner rather than later. We will of course always do our best to accommodate our regular customers.
In this weeks' update we are tuning up some Weber carburettors on a very special Jaguar MK1, looking at an E-Type rebuild and taking a closer look at our disc brake upgrades.

Classic Jaguar showroom

Jaguar XK150 service and wiper upgrade

This Jaguar XK150 fixedhead was in with us for a service, check over and a windscreen wiper upgrade. Although we suggested we could carry out an effective rebuild on the original motor, the customer opted for our upgraded wiper system. This is proving a very popular upgrade this year. Perhaps this is a result of more XKs being used in the UK rather than touring abroad?
The upgrade consists of a new and more powerful motor along with a full new linkage, wheel boxes and wiper arms and blades. It increases the sweep by doing away with the old park mechanism which takes up a significant proportion of the wiper sweep on an original motor. We are able to make our system work with the original switch which we believe is unique to us. This system is only fitted in house by our engineers so please get in touch to book your XK in.

Jaguar XK150 windscreen wipers

Fiat 124 cambelt and tune up

Despite our focus on classic Jaguars on any given week you will usually find something non-Jaguar sneaking into our workshop. In this case the 'guest' was a little Fiat 124 in for a cambelt change, tune up, an overheating issue and a few cosmetic jobs. The cambelt was straightforward and the overheating was simply down to a bad connection on the thermostatic fan switch fitted to the radiator. Its nice when things are simple!
When we went to tune the car up, we found that the wrong spark plugs were fitted. As can be seen from the photo when we removed the spark plugs, they showed the car was running very rich. A new set of spark plugs and a careful tune of the Weber carburettors and the car now runs beautifully. It was nice to feel the increase in both smoothness and power which was achieved by a simple, old fashioned tune up.

Fiat 124 cambelt change and tune up

Jaguar E-Type restoration

This Jaguar E-Type Series 1.5 roadster has just arrived with us and we have begun to build up the front subframe. This car started its restoration journey in a different garage where to owner took it for a respray which appears to have since escalated leading to the car completely stripped down other than the dashboard. The car was repainted but has since spend over a year waiting to be reassembled with no progress made refurbishing or reassembling the parts.
The owner has now brought the car to us to be reassembled and returned to the road. The intention was never to restore the car but simply repaint it however with the car stripped this far there are going to be certain items it will simply make good sense to overhaul before refitting. These kinds of jobs which have been started elsewhere are invariably amongst the most challenging projects we take on. In this case we will work carefully to rebuild the car in line with the customers wishes and try to provide him the best possible result from what has clearly started out as a difficult journey.

Jaguar E-Type restoration

Jaguar XK120, XK140 and XK150 brake upgrade

Pictured here is an XK140 fixedhead coupe which we are carrying out a front disc brake upgrade on. This upgrade uses XK150 discs along with custom made four pot aluminium brake callipers. This is a huge improvement in performance over the original drum brakes on the XK120 and XK140 and can also be fitted if you wish to improve the braking on an XK150.
We recommend only upgrading the front brakes on an XK120 and XK140 to discs. This is because front discs with rear drums provide more than enough stopping power for road and rally applications. More importantly it also leaves you with a handbrake which works well. As any XK150, E-Type or MK2 owner will tell you the handbrakes on early disc brake Jaguars leave something to be desired! This is simply down to the design as these were some of the first production cars to be fitted with rear disc brakes. We do have an upgrade available for E-Type handbrakes and one for the XK150 is currently in development.

Jaguar XK140 disc brake upgrade

'Brian Lister Tribute' Jaguar MK1

This wonderful Jaguar MK1 Saloon was transformed in 2015 into what is now known as the 'Brian Lister Tribute' car. It has been extensively upgraded to reflect the way the great man himself might have looked to improve a MK1 saloon and it is indeed a very impressive car. The engine is a 3.8 D-Type unit with a dry sump and correct wide angled cylinder head. This is connected to a set of Weber carburettors and a six-branch stainless exhaust manifold. The rear axle and front subframe have been upgraded using MK2 saloon units so the car runs a wider track and disc brakes all around. To complete the improvement the car boasts an all syncro overdrive gearbox.
On this occasion the MK1 is in with us for a tune up, to have the overdrive repaired as this was inoperative and to have a number of leaking oil seals attended to. Additionally, we found several bushes and subframe mounts in less-than-ideal condition so these have been replaced with uprated polyurethane items which will last longer and help contribute to the improved performance of this car.

Lister Jaguar MK1

Classic car transport

Here at Twyford Moors we offer a comprehensive range of services for your Classic Jaguar. As well as servicing, maintenance, restoration and sales we provide transportation and storage. Pictured here is a Jaguar E-Type being loaded up on our open trailer to be taken to our storage facility. We can also provide covered transport when the weather is less favourable or for longer journeys. Our network allows us to arrange safe and reliable transport for your classic, not just within the UK but also across the world. Indeed, many of our XKs take part in international events for which we prepare the cars and deliver them to be shipped all across the world. To discuss storage or transport please get in touch.

Jaguar E-Type classic car transport