XK Club visit Twyford Moors during RBCD

During the final stage of the XK Club Round Britain Costal Drive for Prostate Cancer UK we were delighted to offer the participants a pit stop and tour of our workshops.

This wonderful event is the brain child of Philip Porter, XK Club founder, and is to raise money and awareness for Prostate Cancer UK. The XK Club team have done a wonderful job organising the event and the participants have so far raised over £34,000. Please follow the link the RBCD Just Giving Page to donate and help them reach their target of £50,000. 

The final stage ran from Hastings to Beaulieu so it was a convenient short detour away from the coast for the participants to drop in for some refreshment and in a few cases some mechanical assistance. The SNG Barratt mechanics Peter and Andy had done a wonderful job over the past weeks keeping the XKs going but we were pleased to be able to give them a rest on the final day and carry out some running repairs. That said I am given to understand the XKs proved far more reliable than the E-Types which undertook the same journey last year. The main two issues dealt with at Twyford Moors were some troublesome front drum brakes on an XK140 and a fuel supply problem.

We must have had over 30 visitors including many new faces but we were delighted to see so many Twyford Moors cars and customers taking part in the event. It is a great opportunity to share our collective passion for these cars and use them for such a good cause.

This also offered our first opportunity to have three generations of the Rochez family at an XK event with Nik Rochez (director) taking part in the event in his fully resorted XK140, Harry Rochez (auto electrician) on site to welcome our guests and Arthur Rochez (the newest edition to the team) charming customers and demonstration his NUB120 replica.

Thank you to everyone who visited us and congratulations to all those who took part in the extremely worthwhile event.