Heritage C-Type by Realm Engineering – SOLD

This ‘Heritage C-Type’ was built between 2015 and 2016 using Realm Engineering parts. Realm are well respected in classic Jaguar circles for their top-quality replicas and their top-notch chassis design. The donor vehicle for this C-Type was a 1977 Daimler XJ 4.2 litre. The car was built up using the suspension, rear independent suspension setup (very similar to that used on the E-Type Jaguars), rear axle and engine from the Daimler fitted to the Realm chassis and fibreglass bodyshell.

The engine was fully rebuilt and mated to an all-synchro 4 speed with an overdrive gearbox and fitted with triple SU carburettors. The car benefits from several other upgrades to improve reliability and drivability. These include an electric cooling fan, alternator, electronic ignition, vented front brake discs with four-pot callipers and four-point seat belts.

Seeing this car in the flesh there is no doubt that it is a very well-constructed example and was completed with much attention to detail. The history file included photographs documenting the construction of this C-Type along with many invoices. The car has been properly registered with DVLA as a ‘Heritage C-Type’ and as such does not attract tax-exempt status and instead is classed as PLG for road tax purposes.

Out on the road, this car inspires confidence. It is poised and responsive. The throttle response is instant and progressive giving great torque-filled surges of acceleration when you put your foot down. The brake pedal is firm and provides instant stopping power. The gearbox is a delight to run up and down through the gears and the overdrive brings the revs down to just below 2000rpm at 70mph. The handling is exquisite as you would expect from such a car and the suspension has clearly been set up with road use in mind so the suspension is not harsh or choppy. Overall, this C-Type replica is a delightful, well build and very rewarding machine to drive.




  • Realm Engineering Heritage C-Type
  • 4.2-litre engine
  • All-synchro four-speed with overdrive gearbox
  • Fibreglass body


  • Alternator
  • Electronic ignition
  • Electric cooling fan
  • Disc brakes
  • Four-point seat belts


  • Paint: British Racing Green
  • Interior: Green
  • Wheels: Silver painted wire wheels

Identification numbers

  • Registration no: M7 SXK
  • Chassis no: REALMCJS167680060
  • Engine no: 8L73583S