This week in the workshop 01.08.20

This week we have selected a range of vehicles which really give a flavour of what we do here at Twyford Moors. There's an historic XK120, an XK140 restoration to which we are putting the finishing touches, an XK150 in for a new hood, a Series 1 E-Type in for service, a magazine article and a whole host of cars for sale.

Great XKs for sale

As reported previously, sales remain strong and we continue to have a lot of interest. We are fortunate that our insurers have helped us facilitate solo test drives with a member of staff following in another vehicle. To ensure social distancing and the safety of our staff and customers we continue to only allow viewings by appointment. Please get in touch if you would like to view a car. We can also supply further photos or videos of cars by request for those unable to visit to view a car.

We have, in recent weeks, taken in a number of excellent XKs for sale including two very rare Jaguar XK150 3.4 S models which are both fully restored and in exceptional condition. The star of the showroom at the moment is PPE101, an XK120 OTS which competed in the Alpine Rally in 1950 alongside Ian Appleyard driving NUB120. This XK120 has a wonderful history, having competed in many events during the 1950s. Click here to see our full range of cars for sale.

Jaguar XK150 3.4 S OTS

Jaguar XK120 OTS PPE101

XK120 instrument overhaul

We cater for every element of XK restoration and maintenance, be it rebuilding engines or rebuilding switch gear. Here, we have some XK120 gauges in need of some tlc. The rev counter has stopped working due to oil ingress. This happens when the oil seal on the rev counter drive at the back of the cylinder head fails allowing oil to travel down the cable and into the gauge. The speedometer was inaccurate due to a gearbox change so will be recalibrated and overhauled before being refitted. We also offer upgraded time clocks to make your XK tell the correct time. When the gauges are removed from the dashboard is an ideal time to do this.

Jaguar XK120 Gauges

Stirling Moss XK120

This Jaguar XK120 fixed-head coupe was once used by Stirling Moss, when he was driving for Jaguar in the 1950s, to tow his caravan around Europe. She has had a rather interesting life, having gone though an extensive motorsport transformation in the 1970s. She has been with us for the last few months to be returned to a more original specification whilst keeping some of the character she has picked up though her life's journey. The car is undergoing final preparations for the London Concours on the 19th-20th of August. We hope to bring you more about this car and its fascinating history in the coming weeks.

Stirling Moss Jaguar XK120

Jaguar XK140 final tweaks

This Jaguar XK140 drophead coupe has been restored by its owner and has come to us for a check over and final commissioning along with a few upgrades. This week we have been fitting a new water pump along with an aluminium radiator and header tank. We have already fitted a five-speed gearbox and will be investigating a fault with the charging system once we have got the car running smoothly.

Jaguar XK140 drophead coupe fully restored

Jaguar XK150 hood

This XK150 drophead coupe has just had a new mohair hood fitted and is now having the final adjustments done on the door and windows. When it originally came in to us the hood frame and trim had not been done correctly, putting too much pressure on the screen and pulling the door shuts together. As a result the doors did not close properly with the hood up. The devil really is in the detail when it comes to getting the shut lines and seals correct on an XK. Before the car went off to have the hood trimmed, we spent much time setting the hood frame and wood up on this car to ensure everything fits correctly. Once we have finished setting up the doors and windows, we will fit the correct hood chromes which will really finish off the look of this XK150.

Jaguar XK150 DHC hood retrim

Series 1 E-Type

Regular maintenance is essential for classic cars. This Jaguar E-Type Series 1 is in for its annual service and MOT. Along with its regular check-up, we have fitted new headlight seals to try to keep water ingress out of the headlight units which is an all too familiar sight on early E-Types. We have also attended to a number of other minor electrical faults at the customer's request.

Jaguar E-Type servicing

Big screen XK150 in XK Gazette

Amongst other great content, this month's XK Gazette from the XK Club has a four-page feature on the Jaguar XK150 which featured in the movie 'Scandal'. This car is currently for sale here at Twyford Moors and you can find out more about the car by clicking here.

The XK Club is well worth joining. Alongside an entertaining monthly magazine, the XK Gazette, they organise some really wonderful events and really go above and beyond to create and support our XK community.

XK Club magazine XK Gazette Jaguar XK150